It’s snowing

There is something so totally charming about snow fall…even if one has not been lucky enough to see it in reality! Somehow it has always eluded me. Two days after we left Darjeeling, I believe it happened (got to see the picture of snow clad Darjeeling in the newspaper) . I was told that we […]


Who has not heard of the saying, ‘Man proposes, and God disposes’? Well, there are variations to the theme! It could be… ‘Gangulys propose, cats dispose’ or perhaps…  Man possesses and dogs dispossesses. They, the sweet innocent creatures, could very well be agents of God?! I could give you a lot of examples of the […]

Bite me!

The brain is a funny thing. Well, at least mine is, and it does not belong to the ‘ha ha’ variety (which too many will vouch for). While I don’t always recollect what happened five minutes back, I have a childhood memory of being bitten by Bozo, one of our very first dogs. To be […]

The Short Story

At times a story ends before its quite begun. This is one of them. I will keep it brief as none of us have quite recovered from it . Remembering is painful. This little kitten had been abandoned by its mother for some inexplicable reason. Since there was nobody to take care of him we […]


The fence round our house is meant to keep all the four legged inmates IN. Considering the time, energy, money and last but certainly not the least, creativity that has gone into making the fence foolproof it should have been a total success….but it isn’t! Kutzn can scale the wall at the count of ten […]